Two Infinity & Beyond! | Two Year Photoshoot


It’s been a while since I created a blog post. The handsome little dudes in this photo shoot are the reason for the break. Two years ago I had twins, and I decided to take a short break from photography, but I am refreshed and ready to create again.
My boy’s birthday theme was Outer Space, and it was out of this world. We just had to do a photo shoot to go along with the theme. For the outfits, I took old footie pajamas and carefully covered them in duct tape. I added patches to create a finished look. Once the costumes were complete, we went to a local lake to my favorite spot with lots of rocks. Big sister tagged along to assist in wrangling the two-year-olds. I finished the session with a little photoshop magic to create a space look. I hope you enjoy it!

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