Tween Fashion | Rocklin, CA


It’s so hard to find cute and fashionable clothes for tweens these days. It’s a tough age. You aren’t a kid anymore, but you aren’t a teen quite yet. Finding just the right look to make you feel extra confident can be a challenge. So,  I’ve put together a list of my favorite stores to find clothes for my tween. I’d love to know your favorites!


Joyfolie has some of the most dreamy and unique items I’ve ever found for my kid. The shoes are beyond amazing. The quality is superb too. My daughter absolutely loves this store.


Forever 21 Girls

For cute and trendy clothes check out the Forever 21 girls section. I have found several great pieces throughout the years for my girl. They have the best vintage inspired graphic tees and casual dresses.



For a more European-inspired look, check out Zara. We lived in Europe for seven years and this was a go to store for us. They have great basics and clothes with simple designs. Classic looks to last the whole season.

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